Founded in 2005, IACINO PROGETTI S.r.l. is a specialized engineering company in the field of design and consultancy of the pressure equipment and piping, particularly for petrochemical, chemical and oil refineries. Located within the industrial area Siracusa-Priolo-Augusta-Melilli, the company works closely with local companies as well as with all major italian petrochemical industrial sites.
The high level of competence reached on pressure equipment (vessels, columns, furnaces, heat exchangers, piping etc) makes Iacino Progetti a reliable reference point for the management of a highly specialized content projects.
The fields of intervention includes pressure equipment in their entirety for mechanical topics: design, calculation, technical advice, supervision, procurement, welding and fabbrication consulting, repair, feasibility studies, creep, fatigue, vibrational analysis, piping stress analsys, finite element calculations, inspection etc.